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Myre volume one and HoD are currently funding on Indiegogo to get them printed into large books:

The two main characters of my larger ongoing graphic novel series, "Myre", chilling out together in the fresh morning glow.
Myre is living a nomadic life and is adapted to the goings of nature and the people. Being always on the road gives her the opportunity to explore new areas along the way. Her only daily worry is getting enough food, water and the occasional luxury to enjoy.
Preparing for the night, Myre would ritually take off Varug's reigns so that she can roam around scavenging for food, do her hunting and feed herself while keeping an eye out for Myre while she sleeps. This small ritual between the both is mildly symbiotic as Varug is a sentient creature who enjoys her personal freedom, all the while scouting for any dangers that might harm her friend, Myre.